Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle.

In the early 1980s, I began to spontaneously draw Mandalas. There were so many of them around the house, that I began to color them with Prismacolor pencils and then began painting them with watercolors. Due to the large number of completed Mandalas, I began to frame them and eventually sell them at the East Beach Art Show in Santa Barbara on Sunday.

All the time this was happening to me, I was curious and fascinated. Why was I  drawn to do this artistic exercise and to be so prolific?  In researching , I found a phrase from Carl Jung’s book MANDALA SYMBOLISM that helped me to understand this creative experience. He wrote and I paraphrase that the spontaneous creation of Mandalas is the psyche’s need to balance itself. Amazing, how much sense that meant to me and five years later, when my psyche was apparently balanced, I stopped creating Mandalas. This is one of my favorite life stories.